Verner Bertelsen & Betty Barrough Bertelsen Testimonial

From: Verner Bertelsen & Betty Barrough Bertelsen Helena, MT HAI has done an excellent job of serving my NuEar hearing aids. They have the knowledge and the ability to make any adjustments necessary.

Marshall Sewell Testimonial

From: Marshall Sewell Boulder, MT I’ve suffered with hearing loss for several years. I was almost at the point of giving up. I have appreciated the patience of Hearing Aid Institute has had in making sure that my hearing instruments work for me.

Emily Jean Gleason Testimonial

From: Emily Jean Gleason Helena, MT When I decided to have my hearing problems addressed, I went to see Don at Hearing Aid Institute in Helena. Don did all the testing, fitting, and follow-ups that were needed. After some adjustments, I was still having problems so Don sent me to the Center for Excellence in […]

Bridgett Volden Testimonial

From: Bridgett Volden Helena, MT I have been treated very wonderful by the personnel.

Fritz Weed Testimonial

From: Fritz Weed Helena, MT I have been dealing with Hearing Aid Institute for over 10 years and they are very cooperative in all matters pertaining to my loss of hearing.

Ken Davenport Testimonial

From: Ken Davenport Helena, MT Hearing Aids have changed my lifestyle. I hear sounds that I have not heard in years.

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